#TPPAWalkAway – The March of Thousands – The Collective Spirit


In the capital city as the rain held its breath, thousands came out in strength to march against the toxic and undemocratic trade deal of the TPPA. With our brothers and sisters marching simultaneously in many parts of New Zealand, the feeling of collective spirit was infused in our every step and chant, and filled us with common purpose and shared love. Marching together like this, we were reminded that the people are more than observers; we are much greater and more powerful than the callous and cold mechanism of politics.

It is in these times of collective action that we declare our intentions as a country and as a people. It is how we show our masters that we have awoken from our slumber and will now seek the change required for our survival and our growth. It is how we show that we will no longer bow — we will stand. We do this for our children and our children’s children, as much as for ourselves.


Much has been made already of the ‘protest after the protest,’ and while it was inevitable that the press would use this angle, nothing that can be truthfully reported could detract from the righteousness of our cause. This march, like those around the country, were populated by every type of New Zealander; children marched with their parents, husbands with their wives, Maori with Pakeha – every mix of ethnicity and class, every political ideology, sexual orientation and religious belief. This is what democracy looks like – the shared love and purpose of the people.


We are entering a new age, one that requires us to think and act differently. The old paradigm is breaking under the weight of its own excess and unsustainability. Power has been monopolised by the elite and made hideous with corruption; consumption has reached its awful zenith — the only way down is down. We need every representative of the people to be not just for the people, but of the people. Bureaucracy must be cast aside and the collective spirit must be embraced and magnified, amplified for all to hear. Our only way to survive what is yet to come is to band together in mass solidarity; the former power of the unions must be restored and increased and, more than this, we must all join in one overarching movement – the movement of the collective.


There is much that cannot be undone quickly and maybe some that cannot be undone at all; the way forward is riddled with problems, none of which will be easy to solve. Much of the damage has been done while we were asleep in our own lives; the moral imperative – now that we’re awake – falls solely on us, the people. We can no longer place the responsibility of our sovereignty in the hands of our governments or state; they have woefully failed us so now we must stand up and assume all power and governance.


Let us see these marches as more than just our reaction to a single issue – they should act as a reminder of where our power lies and how we can unleash it. And while it may be dormant still in many of our fellows, it is our responsibility to help them find and access it; for how well we accomplish this together may be the deciding factor in how our future manifests.

Let us not see these marches as an end result or one desperate act – instead let us see them as the catalyst for a continuing and paradigm-shattering movement. This is not the day after the TPPA march – let us call this day 1 of the revolution.

We are democracy — We are everyone.

March art 2


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